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Final FANTASY 7 Controller Not working

After deciding that I wanted to re-play Final Fantasy 7 and play with the the various mods the available with the 7th Heaven Mod Manager. I ran into an issue of, it wouldn’t recognize the controller. Not on it’s own, not with launching from steam, not with xpadder, or joy2key, or all the other dead end trails of various forum post suggested. As those solutions presumably will work for Windows 7, which I don’t use and is becoming increasingly less common. Eventually I was pointed into the direction of this steam community post here. So for a fix for Final Fantasy 7 controller not working, try the below.

as steam user flat4wd detailed on this forum post . Try the below for a fix for Final Fantasy 7 Controller not working on Windows 10.

  1. Open Windows menu
  2. Select Settings >> Devices
  3. Click Devices and Printers on the right-hand side
  4. Find your Xbox One controller icon in the window that opens and Right-Click it
  5. Select Game Controller Settings
  6. Select your controller on the dialog that opens, then click Advanced
  7. This opens the dialog that allows you to choose which controller to Use With Older Titles — Select your controller again and click OK
  8. Close your device windows, close your game (if open), restart your controller (for good measure), then restart your game.
  9. press X to get past it and then you can use your controller.

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